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From ambulance tops to marine subassemblies, if you have a complex design that requires a high strength-to-weight ratio or a product that may corrode over time, then you need a premium quality FRP solution from ACE. We have built our reputation on the production of difficult fiberglass parts that would normally cause bottlenecks during final assembly. We also focus on products that are difficult to manufacture consistently or parts that require the highest level of structural integrity. Our clients tend to be industry leaders who have built their reputations on delivering a product of superior quality and choose to work with partners who deliver the same level of excellence.

ACE monitors the efficiency of each part and process on a daily basis. We monitor not only the labor input but also the material usage to ensure quality is more than meets the eye.

ACE clearly defines specifications to measure and control quality. By testing each part at the end of each production phase (gel, lamination, cut, finish and assembly), we are able to consistently deliver parts with zero defects.

ACE has developed proprietary information systems to manage customer needs and ensure that parts are produced to meet delivery. ACE enables customers to keep inventory low, which improves quality at final assembly and lowers their total cost.

The ACE Warranty
At ACE, we review the structural soundness of each part we build. Our engineers review the production process, laminate schedule and assembly instructions to ensure that the part can consistently meet the desired quality and structural integrity. For a copy of our warranty, please contact your ACE representative.

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