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The Industries We Serve

As a custom FRP outsourcing manufacturer, ACE services many industries. Currently, ACE can provide design and/or manufacturing services for a number of industries and host of complex applications.

The Marine Industry, including:

  • complex watercraft tooling and fabrication
  • helm consoles
  • two-part radar arches
  • boat stringers
  • t-top caps
  • RTM hatches
  • swim platforms

The Architectural Industry, including:

  • landscaping planters
  • window frames
  • ornamental molding applications
  • building structures

The Healthcare Industry, including:

  • therapy tubs
  • ambulance roofs
  • ambulance components
  • veterinary tables

The Automotive Industry, including:

  • custom quarter panels
  • skirts
  • truck sleepers and caps
  • custom van and RV roofs and components
  • spoilers
  • stepwells for buses and trucks

Recreational Applications, including:

  • custom water slides
  • hot tubs and hot tub enclosures
  • custom playground equipment

Industrial Applications, including:

  • piping
  • fiberglass ducts

If you require FRP manufacturing services for an application or in an industry not listed above, don't hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives about your specific needs.

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