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ACE is a full-service outsourcing FRP manufacturer and providing a wide range of applications to numerous industries. From concept design through final production, ACE has the expertise and experience to assist you in your supply chain needs. Our production capabilities include:

    Process capabilities
  • Open mold hand lay up and spray up
  • Cold molding
  • Vacuum forming
  • Lite-RTM
  • Infusion
  • Silicone bagging (and bag creation)
    Finish and assembly capabilities
  • Tight laminate and assembly tolerances
  • Class "A" finish of multiple-piece molds
  • Complete cutout and assembly of component parts

Program Development
With ACE working directly with your engineering staff, you can expect faster product development, more effective tooling, and more efficient laminate schedules and assembly processes. ACE has the expertise to match processes with products and manage programs from concept to plug, tooling, and production. To discuss you specific engineering needs, please contact an ACE representative today.

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